Recompress your Flash 11 SWFs with LZMA

Flash 11 can load SWFs that have LZMA compression; previously SWF contents were either uncompressed or zlib-compressed.

Since the mxmlc compiler doesn't yet support this compression, and since it was a PITA to compile Tinic Uro's zlib2lzma on anything but Windows (http://blog.kaourantin.net/?p=124), and since no one else seems to have done it... I wrote a Python script to do the conversion. Woot. It only requires that the input SWF be compiled with -swf-version=13 (or higher). It will fail if you feed it an LZMA-compressed SWF -- feel free to fork me on GitHub and fix that.

Usage: python swf2lzma.py in.swf out.swf

Grab the code from: http://github.com/jspiro/swf2lzma